Couples Donation Drawing: Let us know your story!

Enter to win $250 towards your infertility treatments!

Infertility is hard in so many ways, especially financially! Songbird Grove was started by my husband, Tim, and myself, Jenny Lazarus after going through infertility treatments ourselves. After multiple IUIs and rounds of IVF, we met other couples going through the similar path and wanted to help however possible.

Songbird Grove quickly started as a means to try and raise money quickly for other couples. When possible, we are able to donate $250 through a random drawing!

Please leave your contact information in the fields below to enter the $250 drawing! We'd love to know your story and why the donation would be helpful for you. We will connect with you if you win!

PLEASE make sure to state in your message if we can announce your name on a live or prerecorded video and typed on a graphic and content for our website and social media. We will keep your name anonymous if you do not wish your journey to be public. If you do not state to be kept anonymous, we will assume it’s ok to announce your name.

God's many blessings to you and your spouse!